The Malagrotta Dump is the main long-term storage site for undifferentiated urban solid waste from the city of Rome. It is located in the western suburbs of the city, in the estate of Malagrotta. The name derives from the Latin Mola Rupta (“broken wheel”), a name originated by a broken grinding wheel on the nearby stream Rio Galeria. According to some, the largest landfill in Europe. 240 hectares, between 4500 and 5000 tons of waste were dumped every day.
In 2013, Italy was denounced at the European Court of Justice by the European Environment Committee as part of the waste discharged at the landfill did not undergo the biological treatment (MBT) required by the European regulations to reduce the volumetric consistency of waste, and facilitate their possible recovery.  On January 9, 2014, the NOE  – ecological department of carabinieri -, commanded by Sergio De Caprio, known as “Ultimo” (“The Last”), stops 7 people. Among others the owner of the dump Manlio Cerroni, know as “Re della monnezza” (“the king of garbage”) and the former president of the Lazio region Bruno Landi.

Since its closure the situation has not improved. Abandoned waste of all kinds are still visible in the areas surrounding the landfill. Malagrotta is black water flows, worn tires, rubbles, abandoned cars, dead palms, ashes. A wounded ground. In the night the air is filled with a thick cloud of smoke and stench. It’s the city of snow.